Sci-Ku Competition

The winners have been announced – see here for details. 



We would like to challenge everyone to write about science within the constraints of a haiku. We’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite to give away as a prize, so get those thinking caps on and find a pencil…

Warning: Sci-Kus can prove very addictive and may disrupt your working day.

Entries should fit the format of a haiku (a three line poem, with a set syllable pattern of five/seven/five)

The Sci-Ku could deal with science in many ways, but some suggestions might be:

  • Explain a scientific concept
  • Write about your favourite scientist
  • Present a hypothesis
  • Or tell us how you feel about science

Some examples from the Edinburgh International Science Festival team:

All the goodness gone

Stripped of its very essence



Quantum mechanics:

Really small things move about

In specialised ways.


I love chemistry

Particularly atoms

They are everything


Winning entries will be published online on our website, and possibly also in a pamphlet in each Midlothian Library. Entries must be submitted by 21 October 2014. Good Luck!

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