Travelling Museum of British Invention tours Midlothian

Front of the bus w peopleWe are incredibly lucky to be the first area in the UK to be visited by this fabulous bus, which will be stopping at libraries, community centres and parks across Midlothian over the next week.  See video report on STV News 

See its timetable here

100 British inventions and discoveries all packed into a single bus.

How can so much fit on one bus? With ingenuity!  Inventions are packed into 9 themed cabinets of wonders.
You’ll find penicillin in the medicine cabinet, the rawlplug in the toolbox and hawk-eye in the Trophy cupboard.
Each exhibit tells a concise story using intriguing anecdotes, surprising artefacts and even the odd jar of facts.

Come along and take a peek behind each door, to see what you will discover.

Some curious facts about British invention

1) When first presented with the jet engine, the British government gave it the thumbs down, calling it ‘impractical’

2) The Victorian stereoscope was the secret weapon used by the RAF in WW2

3) The Savoy theatre was the world’s first public building lit by electricity

4) In 1547 Golf was banned in Scotland by James II because it distracted people from military training for wars against the British.

5) The toothbrush was invented by William Addis, whilst he was in prison. He made it using pig bristles and beef bone. He patented his design and the company trades today under the name ‘Wisdom Toothbrushes’

The Travelling Museum is produced by Sing London, the participatory arts organisation whose interventions aims to lift the public’s spirit.  The project is funded by The Scottish Government &, The Royal Academy of Engineering.  Additional support comes from First Buses who provided the bus, and from CnM the Welsh computer company who supplied technology.

Author: Juliet Ridgway-Tait

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