Dinosaurs are taking over our computers!

Well not really.
But this year, EPCC will be showing how computer simulation is used to work out how animals move based on their skeletal structures.  This is especially useful for animals that are no longer around to be observed, e.g. dinosaurs.

In their Virtual Paleontology exhibit, the fossil remains of dinosaurs are brought back to life via computer simulation.
Visitors can design their own dinosaur by changing the size of different limbs and ‘race’ them against others in real-time using the HECToR Supercomputer for realistic dynamics and kinematics.



Apart from answering that age-old question

could you have out run a dinosaur?

the simulation software also has more serious applications, such as understanding how animals (including us) move and the stresses involved.

At the stand in Dalkeith Library on Tues 8th Oct,  as well as the dinosaur simulation, EPCC will provide information,demonstrations and simulations of the many techniques used in parallel and high performance computing.
There will be activities for everyone from children to adults to enjoy.

EPCC staff will also be on-hand to answer your questions. Why don’t you ask them more about HECToR – your local super computer, or indeed about simulations, software development or anything vaguely related to what they do.

Indeed asking

“what do you do?”

is often a great starting question!

So join EPCC at Dalkeith Library on  Tues 8th Oct, 1.00pm – 6.30pm
See https://midlothiansciencefestival.com/event/supercomputing-and-you/ for more details.

Author: Juliet Ridgway-Tait

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