Congratulations Peter Higgs on your Nobel Prize

Why not come along on Sun 13th and ask  Alan Walker, (Higg’s friend and colleague in physics) all about it?

In recognition of this award, Sunday’s event title has been updated to “CTR Wilson to the Higgs Boson via James Clerk Maxwell”
This event will include a working cloud chamber, the muon lifetime experiment and bubble chamber pictures.

Peter Higgs won the Nobel prize in physics for his work on the theory of the Higgs boson. He won the prize jointly with Francois Englert from Belgium. You can read more about it in this BBC article.

Alan walker is his friend and colleague at the University of Edinburgh who has been speaking on his behalf since the announcement of the Nobel Prize.

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CTR Wilson to the Higgs Boson via James Clerk Maxwell (previoulsy named Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics)

Physics talk  and demonstrations, Flotterstone Inn, 10:30am, Sun 13th Oct
+opportunity to take a short walk to see the CTR Wilson plaque – the Midlothian Nobel Prize winner who invented the cloud chamber.

NB: Peter Higgs will NOT be in attendance, but Alan Walker his friend and colleague from Physics will be there. 


Peter Higgs Photo by Mathematisches Institut Oberwolfach (MFO),, Right: Alan Walker

Author: Juliet Ridgway-Tait

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