5th – 19th OCTOBER


Community Involvement

What would you like to see at the 2018 festival? How can we work with your group/organisation?

As we start the planning for our 2018 festival we are keen to work more closely with both individuals and groups within Midlothian to identify ideas for events/activities of interest and also to explore how we might co-create an event with you.


We want our 2018 festival programme to be innovative, bold and full of events & activities that:


  • Inspire, engage and excite…
  • Showcase the array of science and technology happening right here in Midlothian
  • Bring cutting edge, topical and relevant scientific research to you


We are keen and excited to hear from individuals and groups to explore what we might be able to offer and how we could work together either during the festival or at a different point during the year also.


Suggest a topic, theme or event:

Is there a particular area of science you’d like to know more about? That you’ve maybe not had the chance / time to explore or that you’ve read about in the paper, online or seen on TV?  It could be local, global, general, niche, pioneering or historic…

Host and co-create an event with us:

We would love to run more events in partnership with local organisations and groups – creating an event which is relevant to you and that will appeal to your members.

Last year we ran events on the physics of chocolate, the neuroscience of yoga, the future of ‘grow-your-own’, and the science of music, to name but a few, and we are very much up for the challenge of exploring and uncovering some of the science involved in your groups activities and interests.


Please do get in touch, either by filling in this short form


Community Suggestion Form


or alternatively contact Claire Jellema the festival manager

alt email

Phone: 07930409940