17th – 25th OCTOBER


Build A Bridge Competition

MSF2016 Build a Bridge CompetitionTo celebrate Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Design and Architecture we invite you to build a bridge… from paper!

Load it with 2 pence pieces to show how strong it is. Build it yourself, with your family, at School, or with any group you like, and enter a photograph via your library, or email us. We will invite the those which look the strongest to a load testing final special event!

Full instructions are given below but are also available as a download or from your local library.

Hand in to your local library, or email entries to danderhall.library@midlothian.gov.uk by Saturday the 17th Oct.

Don’t forget to include your name, age and contact details.


Click to download your poster




Categories Available:

0-4 years , 5-8 years, 9-12 years and Group Entry


build a bridge materialsMaterials:

  • A4 size 80g printer paper x 4
  • 1 metre regular sticky tape
  • 2p coins
  • books or boxes that, when stacked, are at least 5cm high
  • A4 size printer paper x 1 to make river



  • lay the single sheet of paper on a flat surface
  • build a bridge instructionsplace your books/boxes on either side of the long edges of your river
  • use your four pieces of paper and tape to make a bridge that reaches across the river. Remember: you must not tape or fasten your bridge to the river banks and it must not touch the water
  • to test how strong your bridge is put a 2p piece on it and keep adding 2p’s until just before the bridge collapses – take a photo!
  • don’t forget to tell us your information (see above), if your entry is for a group or an individual and how many 2p’s your bridge can hold
  • check out your local bridges for inspiration – which shapes will you use?