Midlothian Rocket Blast Competition



To design and build a rocket that will go to the moon! * Or as far as possible *.



for furthest distance travelled by a rocket

for the best artistic design




Build at home or at one of our events below – you will need an empty fizzy drinks bottle.

Design – Add features like a nose cone to help your rocket fly.

Please ensure you read the rules below VERY carefully.


BUILD with us at one of these BUILD events:

Mon 3rd — Dalkeith Library — 3.30pm-5pm
Thurs 13th — Lasswade Library — 4pm-5pm
Fri 14th — Danderhall Library — 2pm-3.30pm
Sat 15th — Lasswade Centre — 10.30am-1pm
Mon 17th — Gorebridge Library — 2pm-3pm
Fri 21st — Penicuik Library — 10am-12pm
Sat 22nd — Mayfield Library — 10am-2pm


LAUNCH with us at one of these LAUNCH events:

Mon 10th — Kingspark Dalkeith — 3.30pm-5pm
Tues 11th — Roslin Park — 3.30pm-5pm
Sat 15th — Lasswade Centre — 1pm-3pm
Mon 17th — Danderhall Library — 1pm-3pm
Sat 22nd — Penicuik library — 11am-2.30pm
Sat 22nd — Mayfield Library — 2pm-3.30pm



Failure to follow the rules may result in the organisers refusing to launch your rocket for safety reasons.
Participants take part in the event at their own risk.

  • Only plastic FIZZY drinks bottles may be used as these are designed to withstand pressure. Glass bottles or those from still drinks etc are NOT safe to launch.
  • Please use a bottle that is less than 6 months old and free from damage.
  • Do NOT attach anything to neck (screw top end) of the bottle. Leave 7.5cm clear for attachment of launcher. (Fins may extend downwards to this level, but should not be attached to the neck)
  • Do not puncture, damage or weaken the plastic bottle while decorating. Packing tape and PVA (white) glue is highly recommend. Hot Glue guns are NOT suitable, and please be careful with other glues, solvents or paints that may damage the plastic.
  • Do NOT use the following materials to construct you rocket: metal; glass; hard plastics; spikes; antennas of any kind; rocks or any other sharp objects
  • All rockets will be safety checked before launch. Organisers may refuse to launch a rocket if they consider it unsafe. The organiser’s decision is final.
  • Rockets will only be launched ONCE as the flight and landing can damage the bottle
  • All rocket launches are subject to weather conditions.

Launching rockets in WIND and FOG can be dangerous.
Rocket launches may be cancelled at the last minute due to adverse weather conditions.
If in doubt, please contact the launch venue directly.

We will still launch rockets on rainy days