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Go Batty at the Penicuik Estate

Join a Penicuik Estate Ranger as we hunt for these fascinating creatures during an evening stroll around the estate.

Bring back the Bees!

This evening event will leave you Buzzzing! Come to the lovely Secret Herb Garden to hear all about the science of bees,

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25th of November 2015 08:16 PM


And you saw it in Midlothian first! Edinburgh's Harald Haas, who tool part in our festival this year :)

25th of November 2015 01:21 PM


Free event on rise of Drug-Resistant Infections, an increasing threat to us all.
Where? National Museum of Scotland Auditorium,
When? Saturday December 5th, 14:30 – 16:00
For which audience? General public aged 14+

Why resistance to antibiotics and other anti-microbial drugs matters and what can be done – a panel discussion.

- How does anti-microbial resistance develop?
- What are the likely consequences for human health?
- What can we as individuals do to help?
- Can more effective and faster diagnostic tests prevent over-prescription of antibiotics?
- What are the obstacles to the development of new anti-microbials?
- Should government policy shape the responses of drug companies to the need for new antibiotics by reducing regulatory restraints, encouraging new business models and providing economic incentives?
- Is overuse of antibiotics in animal rearing contributing to AMR and if so what can be done to prevent this?

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23rd of November 2015 10:34 PM


Ben Freeland won this year's farthest launch, with a whopping 44 metre blast during the Mayfield Library Science Gala Day on the last day of this years Festival, October the 17th. Here he is with his prize, certificate, and of course, his amazing rocket! Well done to all of you who launched rockets with us this year, we had great fun! Rocket launching will return next year, so look closely at Ben's design, and for further help, download instructions from this link. Rocket Design Instructions