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30th of November 2016 11:36 AM


On Sunday 9th October 2016 the sun came out to play at the Midlothian Science Festival event at Vogrie, and so did a small army of dogs, bringing their families and loved ones with them: this was Dog Day. The day was the product of woven interaction between a vast array of canine loving parties; the Midlothian Dog Training club, the Royal Dick Vet School (vets and students including many from the Jeanne Marchig Centre for Animal Welfare, and the student led charity ‘All4paws’), research scientists from the Roslin Institute, the Dogs Trust, Guide dogs for the blind, Canine concern Scotland, Canicross and more. [ 188 more words ]


15th of November 2016 03:40 PM



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15th of November 2016 11:12 AM